Why don’t collisions happen in multiplayer in Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

When we play Super Mario Bros Wonder at Gamescom 2023 for about 45 minutes, one of the first changes compared to the New Super Mario Bros. What we realized was a fundamental change in multiplayer Local Co-op: Characters no longer clash. It’s not a decision taken lightly, as director Shiro Mouri explained in an interview Rolling Stone saved by Nintendo Everything.

“As we took a leap of faith and avoided collisions, we realized this eliminates a lot of stress” Mouri argued to the North American newspaper. “For example, when You have a narrow platform that you can jump to. If there is someone there, they will be in your way“.

In this way, the experience of playing a 2D Mario in local multiplayer has changed significantly since then New Super Mario Bros. Wii Was as cooperative as it is competitive, depending on the behavior of the players. Although the goal of the game is to reach the flag at the end of the phase, players themselves could, for example, plan races, harass each otherto see who gets there first.

Still, the absence of collisions does not completely eliminate the cooperative aspect. If a player falls off a cliff or is is eliminated by an enemy, reappears in the form of a bubble and can be saved by others before the timer reaches zero. In addition, those who play as Yoshi (who functions like Caco Gazapo but cannot use objects) can be carried on his back to other characters.

Will have online multiplayer

Super Mario Bros Wonder contain Online multiplayer, but it doesn’t work like local multiplayer. Until 12 users can be in the same session online, with a maximum of four on the same level. Internet-connected players that appear translucent can Give items and place warning signs to the rest.

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