Summary and objectives of Salernitana


September 30, 2023 at 11:21 p.m


The Argentine came on in the second half and decided the game with four goals that helped Inter maintain their lead.

The Nerazzurri emerge stronger from the unexpected home defeat against Sassuolo and are already thinking about the European Cup game against Benfica

With a discreet Vaseline that he used to prevent the Mexican from leaving Guillermo ‘Memo’ Ochoataking advantage of the precise help of the French Marcus Thuramwith two close-range shots from the center of the penalty area and a penalty, the Argentine Lautaro Martínez appeared from the bench and scored the goal Victory for his Inter against Salernitana (0-4) with three shots that maintain the “Nerazzurro” lead in Serie A, announced the Milan.

The loss to Sassuolo on the final day didn’t stop Inzaghi from giving his starters a break as he reflected on the tie Champions League next Tuesday against Benfica and in the same group as that Real company. Neither Darmian, Mkhitaryan nor Dimarco were in the starting line-up. But his influence on Inter’s game is not as different as that of the captain. Lautaro Martinez, who had to take the place of Chilean Alexis Sánchez in the 54th minute to not only seal the victory but also give a new “masterclass” of what a modern striker must achieve.

Because Lautaro’s impact goes far beyond the goal. He is key to getting the ball out, he provides solutions by dropping onto the wing, he alleviates frustrations with drop shots on first touch that speed up circulation and triggers smart unmarks. But more than that, they are eager to score goals when given the opportunity, as was the case with Salernitana.

He made them in all colors. Four in 36 minutes. The first objective was to get a game going again which, although Inter dominated, only got going again with the emergence of their leader. Just 7 minutes after entering the green, he received Thuram’s precise pass from deep to beat “Memo” with a subtle dive that rendered the attempt to make it useless. Lovato to avoid both.

The second arrived shortly afterwards Salernitana’s goal was disallowed for offside This could have changed everything if it had gotten on the scoreboard. A direct shot from the center of the penalty area was unstoppable for Ochoa. Lautaró opened the wing for Barella and Lautaro finished the Italian midfielder’s cross.

The third came from eleven meters, a penalty Thuram as he Salernitana He was already concentrating on the attack and leaving space free. The leader of the team on the pitch did not fail and made it 3-0, a hat-trick that didn’t seem to be enough as he saw that Salernitana’s defense once again gave him space to finish comfortably inside the penalty area. A cross from Carlos Augusto, this time from the profile of the left foot, and another first-class performance, including the penalty in the fourth, to keep Inter at the top of the table.

A masterclass from Lautaro, including poker, puts Inter at the top of Serie A, although no longer alone. After a promising start for both teams, they are 18 points level with their neighbors from Milan.

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