PlayStation CEO says it’s “early” to judge PS VR2’s popularity

Jim RyanCEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment gave an interview Famitsu in which he spoke about various topics related to his company, including the recently published one Virtual Reality Glasses from PS5. It’s still too early for the PlayStation boss to judge whether PS VR2 will be popular or not as they were only released less than three months ago.

“We just released PS VR2, so maybe It’s still a little early to judge its popularity“, says Jim Ryan first in his interview with the Japanese magazine. Though he’s considering it soon, the PlayStation CEO also ensures that initial press and public opinions are pretty good: “But we’re really excited to see this.” positive reactions of users and media”.

Is PS VR2 in trouble?

These statements come after several critical voices questioned the feasibility of the project, both in terms of catalog and sales. As a matter of fact, That was stated in a recent report Sony should lower the price of PS VR2 if you don’t want it to be a “total disaster”. At the level of new releases, Sony has announced the release of several game series, which Jim Ryan insisted in today’s interview: “We will continue to move forward so that those who buy PS VR2 can enjoy it for a long time.” and we can also make profit.”

In vandalism We were able to try out PS VR2 when it was released and were able to tell you in our review that “it’s a huge leap from the first generation of PlayStation VR.” on how virtual worlds are seen and perceived of their games as well as the way they are played, thanks to the precision and new possibilities of meaningAmong these assets are the robustness of its materials, its comfort and the fact that its entire installation is grouped in the connection a single cable and the use of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.”

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