Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link gets release date, unveils trailer and begins beta

Square Enix has introduced A Teasers from Kingdom Hearts Missing Linkyour action role-playing game with GPS capabilities for iOS and Android, in addition to setting a release date (2024) and announcing a closed beta in certain territories. This is one of two announced projects in the saga – the other already Kingdom Hearts 4 for home systems.

The official page Offers now – and until November 19th – the ability to sign up for the closed beta, but only in the UK and Australia. The beta period begins on November 29th for iOS and ends on December 8th, while the Android beta will take place in January 2024.

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link It will allow us to live the adventures of Scala ad Caelum in the real world, take part in battles against the Heartless and discover new details of an original story. This last video gives a little impression of it Play style and according to Square Enix The beta now allows you, among other benefits, to form teams with friends to face the most difficult bosses.

The magical worlds of Disney

Kingdom Hearts It was an action role-playing game released on the PlayStation 2. It quickly became a saga with several sequels, although mostly not on home systems, but on laptops and mobile phones. After remasters and collections Kingdom Hearts 3 It was released in 2019 to close the arc of the saga up to that point. Now Kingdom Hearts 4 begins Lost Master Bowa new story that will take us through history New worlds based on Disney licenses, it seems war of stars.

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link new tr

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