Pokémon Stadium will be added to the Nintendo Switch Online catalog on April 12th

Pokémon Stadiumthe classic 3D fighting video game originally released for Nintendo 64 is added next 12.4 to the Nintendo Switch Online Catalog + Expansion Pack, as announced by Nintendo itself in mid-September last year. As mentioned, only those who have subscribed to the highest tier of the Nintendo Switch service can access this title born from the success of the first generation Pokémon editions.

“The game is from April 12th Pokémon Stadium brings exciting Pokémon battles to the Nintendo Switch Online Nintendo 64 library for those who have a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription. This battle arena game, originally released for the Nintendo 64 system in 2000, features all of the Pokémon from the games. Pokemon Red version, Pokemon Blue version And Yellow Pokemon version along with a variety of solo and multiplayer modes designed to test your skills as a Pokémon trainer,” we can read in the statement.

In Pokémon Stadium, Trainers can battle alone with their team of six Pokémon in four tournaments in Stadium mode, or compete against Kanto’s Elite Trainers in the Gym Leader’s Castle. Winning either mode earns your champion team a spot in the Palace of Victory, but completing both modes unlocks one final battle to challenge the ultimate trainer.

Multiplayer modes for up to four players

Users can test their combat skills and engage in all-out battles with their friends in one to four player Free Battle mode, or have fun with a collection of nine mini-games in the Kids Club. Despite what the name might suggest, even the most seasoned trainers will feel the heat in the kitchen. Sushi Go Round or reach a new level in Magicarp Splash!

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