UConn Defeats San Diego State to Win College Title!

At 7:10 a.m


The Huskies prevailed thanks to a 19-point, 10-rebound double double from Tristen Newton

The Aztecs paid for their low shot rates (32%) and failed to surprise in the final

The uconn huskies won fifth national university title (NCAA) of his history by winning 76-59 over the Aztecs of the state of San Diego played in the final Houston (Texas).

The huskies emerged victorious a double double of 19 points and ten rebounds from Tristen Newton and from the 17 points and ten rebounds of an exceptional Adama Sanogo, dominant in color and protagonist with five offensive rebounds. Dan Hurley’s team knocked down some Aztecs who paid for their low shooting rates (32%). Keshad Johnson he was the best with fourteen points.

San Diego State got off to a positive start, however his illusion only lasted a few minutesbecause after his 14-6 he suffered a devastating part of 16-2 in nine minutes that extended to 30-10 to put himself in the lead at 36-20 and take his maximum advantage. The Huskies shot with 50% accuracy on field goalswhile San Diego State only scored 24 points in the first half, with a modest 29% accuracy.

Newton injured the Aztecs from the bow and had nine points at halftime, helped by seven from center Sanogo, who also had six rebounds. After falling twelve points at halftime, San Diego State saw the deficit increase to fifteen points early in the second half.but they proudly sealed a 9-0 run that took them to five points 60-55 in less than five minutes.

However, a triple Hawkins and two free one sanogo dominant in the painting they have reissued uconn heading 69-57 with 1.54 on the clock leaving that Aztecs. The advantage increased again until the final 76:59 by free kick. jackson jr playing with 30 seconds celebrates with a warm hug with his coach Hurley.

UConn reached the finals after beating Miami while San Diego State defeated Florida Atlantic as they recovered by fourteen points. It is Hurley’s first title as a UConn coach..

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