G2A.COM launches the new version of its mobile application for iOS and Android

G2A.COMthe world’s largest marketplace for video games and other digital products, is pleased to announce: new version of your mobile app for everyone, in response to the wishes of its customers. The aim of the update is ensure an even better shopping experiencewhile reducing performance requirements, increasing app stability and providing the user with a clearer, more engaging experience.

Despite Very high customer satisfaction with the app (with ratings of 4.7 on the Apple App Store and 4.3 on Google Play), however, G2A.COM has recognized that there are points of friction that have potential for optimization.

“The new user interface enables a much more comfortable user experience and ensures that errors in the app are minimized,” explains Dorota Wrbel, R&D Director at G2A.COM. “At the same time, the redesigned homepage allows more offers, promotions and product categories to be displayed.”

New filter and sorting options

Other new features in the app update include: Extensive filter and sorting options make it easier to search for productsas well as support for 5 different languages ​​(Spanish, Polish, English, German and French).

However, these will not be the only changes. In the future, there will also be a general shopping cart, which will allow the purchase process to continue smoothly on different platforms, implement native payment options, etc a new interface for user profiles.

“Our goal is for the mobile app to generate 10% of all sales at G2A,” adds Wrbel. “We are currently at 5%. So we still have a lot to do.”

The G2A.COM mobile app can be downloaded Here (App Store) or Here (Google Play).

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