Final Fantasy VII Rebirth beta launches on PS5

Demo for Very expected Final Fantasy VII Rebirth It’s now live on PSN. Announced tonight Final Fantasy VII-Broadcasting the focused state of play, a PlayStation 5-exclusive demo will allow players to experience the opening moments New birthwith both clouds And Sephiroth As playable characters during the game’s famous Nibelheim flashback chapter.

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direct Sequel for 2020 Remake of Final Fantasy VII (And its DLC, Episode break), Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Dives into the events that followed the escape of Cloud and his companions from the city of Midgar. As in the original, the flashback scene following the group’s escape explains protagonist Cloud’s relationship with Shinra, its elite military unit SOLDIER, and the game’s primary antagonist, Sephiroth.

But aside from recounting Cloud’s mysterious backstory, the demo also shows off some… New birthNew combat mechanics.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth The demo shows off the synergy and open map capabilities

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth It retains the same basic combat mechanics as it remake. During combat, players can move around the battlefield using the left joystick (and dodge with circle), attack freely with square, and perform some special triangle moves. As you make attacks, you fill up a “Battle Active Time” meter that allows you to use special attacks, cast spells, and use items. New birthHowever, it introduces some newer mechanics, including synergy abilities.

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Synergy Abilities are unique combo attacks and maneuvers that feature their own separate meter that is filled using Active Time Battle attacks. Once two people’s gauges are filled, you can perform a combined attack, such as Red XIII and Cloud’s “Savage Assault,” which also fills your Limit Break gauge According to Square Enix.

Later in the month, Square Enix will also add the Junon region to the demo, home to that big-gun city.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth It starts on February 29th

Today’s demo is just a glimpse of what’s to come when the full game launches on February 29, exclusively for PS5. Although we’ve seen a lot of the new game through some great trailers before, there’s still a lot to discover. We can expect a 40-hour campaign, a large explorable world map, and brand new locations, not to mention some exciting stories and a narrative that may deviate from the original in some surprising ways.

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