The Double Dragon Collection, which includes six games from the Switch saga, presents a trailer

Arc System Works introduced a trailer of Double Dragon Collection, the collection of the saga announced for Nintendo Switch last month. Available worldwide from November 9th and consists of six copies double dragonthe classic series of Knock her down.

Specific, Double Dragon Collection offers the following titles:

We remind you Super Dual Dragon And Double Dragon Charge They will also achieve digital distribution of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC the same November 9th.

List of video games and their content

Super Dual Dragon And Double Dragon Charge

The expected Double Dragon Charge And Super Dual Dragon They’re coming back twice this year. After 20 years, the first official ports of both games will appear on modern consoles on November 9, 2023. The classic action games Knock her down They will be released digitally for Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Steam.

Double Dragon Collection

Additionally, both games will be repackaged and sold alongside four other games in the series. double dragon as a physical boxed package for Switch, the Double Dragon Collection.

For more than three decades, both Double Dragon Charge as Super Dual Dragon were hailed as the epitome of the series double dragon. Fans can purchase the physical six-in-one box Double Dragon Collection for Switch, which includes the following classics: double dragon, Double Dragon II: Revenge, Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones (all in English version), as well as the currently available one Double Dragon IV.

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