Ricard Casas, Presents, An Essay, “Desiring To Contribute To Basketball”

04/17/2023 at 5:48 p.m


The Manresa coach presents a reflection book at the Catalan Basketball Federation this Tuesday with the intention of “contributing things from experience”.

“I make a proposal for a change in learning, especially in training, in restoring values ​​as the key to compete well later,” he explains.

Ricard Casas has an appointment this Tuesday (7:00 p.m.) with the Catalan Basketball Federation, where he will present an essayas he prefers to call it, entitled “Listen to your basketball, the coach’s valuewhere he lays out his idea of ​​how to contribute things to current and future basketball,

He emphasizes that “it’s not a book about my idea of ​​basketball, it’s an essay on the method and how to bring things from experience into it,” he explains Having completed a stint in Egypt, the former Barca coach returns to settle in Catalonia.

Former coach of teams like Valencia or assistant to Svetislav Pesic at Barça, It is clear that his essay is aimed at all basketball players and even to sports in general. “This is a vision for the aspiring coachbut it also works for those who have been technicians for many years,” he explains.

Learn from the training

He assures that “the idea stems from the need to learn from education, and that requires a change that needs to be made effective. I make a suggestion for change, particularly from training to regain stats and not so much in the competitive aspect. Although I realize that the best training leads to a better competitor,” says Casas.

His heart is still penetrated by the love of basketball and that’s why he felt the need to express himself through this essay.. “I am grateful to basketball and all its good points, although there are also many aspects to consider. We rarely listen to the needs of the player, a team or a club so we transfer all of this later to the young player who starts. I ask a lot of questions, but I also don’t give answers to many.”

This is confirmed by the 61-year-old technician from Manresa with a long professional career “I have learned from the successes but also from the mistakes and these reflections come from a thorough analysis of my career and it raises questions and I try to be honest, although there is also an indirect part of the criticism,” he says.

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