Shai Gilgeous-Alexander defeats France to place Canada second in the group


08/25/2023 at 19:14


Led by the NBA star, Canada delivered a real victory against France (95-65), one of the World Cup favorites

Alexander is done with impressive stats: 27 points, 13 rebounds (11 of them defensive) and six assists

France endured until Shai Gilgeous-Alexander wanted it. The Canadian point guard, one of the stars of the Basketball World Cup, led his team’s massive win this Friday (95-65)cemented in a second sweeping period.

The NBA’s fourth-best scorer led his team, led by Spaniard Jordi Fernández, second place in group H, in which Latvia fulfilled the script and defeated Lebanon 109-70. The French will fight for their future in the tournament against the Balts this Sunday.

Shai finished the game top with impressive stats: 27 points, 13 rebounds (11 of them defensive) and six assists..

encounter with high voltage

A high-voltage encounter the most awaited opening day of the World Cup, which was also especially awaited by the Group G players from Spain and Brazil, for their paths will cross with the group of French and Canadians.

European team runner-up at the Olympics and in Europe and third at the last World Cup against a North American team of seven NBA players, Led by Shai, point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder and one of the stars of the championship. A few ingredients for a clash of titans that didn’t disappoint in the first third.

Aware of his deficiencies in defensive play and a certain tendency to lose easy balls, The French team took it very seriously with the utmost physical intensity. Evan Fournier multiplied in defense and offense in the first two quarters.

Fournier stands out in France

The Knicks forward finished the first act as the top scorer (19) which gave France the lead in the first quarter and that they finished the second game just three points down (40-43). It seemed like there was a game.

Until Shai woke up. From his eight points in the first half, he doubled that statistic in just four and a half minutes of the third quarter. The Canada No. 2 took advantage of the physical decline in France to lead the clash.

The Thunder Point Guard performance was so intimidating Fernández gave him a rest in the final five minutes as the deficit to the French was an impressive 30 Points. Shai’s Canada has submitted its credentials.

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