Starfield reveals the exact time we’ll be able to play it in all regions

There is no doubt that starfield is one of the most anticipated video games of 2023. Bethesda’s ambitious space role-playing adventure, which has been in the works for more than eight years, aims to provide us with many hours of gameplay. Our star journey is about to begin, and knowing we’re excited to explore the galaxy, those in charge have shared a chart with us At what exact time can we access the game? on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

It should be remembered that the official release from starfield It’s September 6th. However, if we buy the Premium Edition we can access the game in advance on September 1st. We remind you of that too The pre-download is now available on Xbox, while that on Steam will be released a little later (August 30th). With all that information cleared up, there’s only one question left: when will it be unlocked? starfield?

When can Starfield be played?

That’s the good news for the most anxious starfield be available early in the morning. In Spain, the game can be played from 2 p.m. (Peninsula Time) on the same day of release (ie September 6th in the case of the Standard Edition and September 1st in the case of the Premium Edition). Below is the list with the time when Starfield will be available in all regions:

  • Aug. 31 or Sept. 5 at 5:00 p.m. PDT
  • August 31 or September 5 at 7:00 p.m. (CDT).
  • August 31 or September 5 at 6:00 p.m. CST
  • 8:00 p.m. EDT on August 31 or September 5
  • 9:00pm BRT on August 31st or September 5th
  • 1:00am BST on September 1st or 6th
  • September 1st or 6th, 2am CEST
  • 3 a.m. Arabia Standard Time on September 1st or 6th
  • 4am UAE Standard Time on September 1st or 6th
  • 10:00am AEST on September 1st or 6th
  • 12:00 PM NZST on September 1st or September 6th

In vandalism we are already playing starfield to let you know what we think of our review, which will be published on August 31st. Before that, you can read our impressions of the first minutes of the Bethesda game.

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