WORLD U-19 BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS | Spain defeats Canada and contests the final against the USA


07/23/2023 at 00:08


The Spanish side achieved a long-suffering 77-70 victory, a game that remained suspenseful until the last minute

The Spain U19 women’s team Got the ticket for the World Cup final of Madrid in a frantic game that was only decided in the last minute, in which a flawless Iyana from the free-throw line secured victory. Be Rivals for gold will be the United States.

Already in the first minutes of the game (9-9) the tug of war that the second semi-final would entail was predictable and although Spain always managed to take the lead in the first part, as at the end of the first quarter (26-22), Canada did not stay on the heels of the hosts (36-36). Exactly with the points of the two best Spaniards so far, Fam and FlórezWith 11 and 8 points in the first half, the European team once again consolidated their four-point lead (40-26) at halftime.

A 4-4 run opened the third act (44-40) and then two actions from Flórez gave Spain (48-41) the lead At the score of 53:44 he had a chance to escapecouldn’t make it until Bermejo hit two threes to level the +11 (58-47).

Bermejo scored two more goals and opened the final attack (60-47), however Canada resisted Fournier and the winger (64-58) gave the game another twist, which finally ended with two minutes remaining after an Asare basket.

Spain has held up well and above all An Iyana Martín’s pulse did not tremble who used the free-throw line to score the final 77-70 that saw the U19s through to the World Finals. The United States will be your last obstacle

data sheet

77 – Spain (26+14+18+19): Bermejo (11), Buenavida (4), Moreno (-), Brito (7), Fam (17), – Starting Five – Martín (24), Broncano (-), Noguero (-), Termis (2), Abies (-), Flórez (12).

70 – Canada (22+14+11+23): Dykstra (5), Fournier (20), Prosper (11), Swords (5), Bascoe (5) – Starting Five – Koabel (-) Akot (2), Bediako (2), Madol (-), Gibb (13), Asare (5), Todd (2).

referee: Aunkrogers, Dos Santos, Toth.

incidents: match equivalent to the semi-finals of the U-19 World Cup, to be played at the WiZink Center in Madrid.

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