For Kill the Crows, a “hotline Miami in the west”, there is already a demo on the PC

Krafton and developer 5minlabs (Shatter Legends) will release their “needlessly brutal” action game Kill the crows in August, although PC users can already try it a demo on Steam. The “Hotline Miami in the Wild West” is a Protect One shot, one death: every mistake means your end and death is inevitable.

We will control the gunner Isabella, who plots a bloody revenge plan for this twisted version of the West. We’ll fight against hordes of enemies that have turned into raven-like creatures, one of the mysteries that players will have to discover throughout the story. as in Hotline Miami, A simple bullet will end Isabella’s journey – and that of her rivals, even her we’ll have to move quickly and instinctively as the screen receives more enemies and the bullets traverse the entire screen.

It will be celebrated for a limited time a joint event Shatter Legends This allows you to get various in-game rewards thanks to the demo Kill the crowslike credits and a special icon for the brawler PvP

We can customize the protagonist

As we complete tasks, we unlock new equipment, ie different types of revolvers, skills and passive upgrades that define the style of play. Of course, as you progress, more and more difficult bosses will appear, so we must prepare ourselves to survive this hail of bullets.

“Why is this once pretty village a ruin? Who are these crow-like figures? Why is the gunner risking her life to fight this carnage?” Advance in the game to gradually unveil Isabella’s story“.

Kill the Crows demo available on PC and released in August

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