Harold Halibut, the beautiful stop-motion game, announces release windows for PS, Xbox and PC

We’ve been without news for some time. incredible Harold Halibuta very game handcrafted with which is done Stop motion techniques for many years, but fortunately yesterday at the PC Gaming Show Most Wanted event its makers, the small team independent Slow Brosthey started a new trailer with never-before-seen images and the preview of his next Start window.

Harold Halibut will arrive in early 2024 and this is his new trailer

As you can see in the trailer, the release window for Harold Halibut is set until the beginning of 2024, without specifying exactly what day or month the game will launch. At least we know what will happen on consoles PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC (Steam). In addition, those responsible have also confirmed that the game will be released on Xbox Game Pass.

A game worthy of a Wes Anderson film

Harold Halibut began his career with a campaign by Kickstarter that its goal was not achieved in 2017. However, the German team from Slow Bros succeeded get the project off the ground and a few years ago he presented some videos that introduced us to his very interesting proposal.

The game turns around a narrative adventure which has been described as a work by GoldsmithThis means that everything we see is “handmade” and manufactured with real materialswith animation reminiscent of the classic stop-motion style in cinema, and lighting, color palette and aesthetic that many have referenced established filmmakers like Wes Anderson.

With Harold Halibut we took that Role of Harolda young laboratory assistant who lives in a species gigantic city ship is in an ocean on an alien planet. Harold works for a ship’s chief scientist, Jeanne Mareaux, and although most of the ship’s inhabitants have resigned themselves to life aboard the ship, Mareaux is still there works tirelessly to find a way for the ship to leave the planet and everyone can find a new, drier home. In the middle of all this lives Harold a fateful event This could be the key to leaving the world.

As I said, the Slow Bros team said special attention in this project, in which every scene, every character and every object in the game was presented for the first time made entirely by hand. Then everything was scanned using the Unity engine to bring it into the digital world and offer a game that claims to offer a fascinating film storya wide range of unique characters and wonderful moments.

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