Stardew Valley 1.6 update confirms the validity of an old fan theory

Screenshot: The monkey in question

some Stardew Valley Fans are feeling vindicated today after the game’s creator, Eric Baron, confirmed on Twitter that harvesting crops from left to right was faster than harvesting from right to left. Apparently, this bug will finally be fixed after it has been present in the game since its launch in 2016.

Since 2022, Stardew Valley Fans have been waiting for update 1.6. Although some time has passed, we know the big update — adding new content, fixing old bugs, and making it easier to modify the game —It arrives on March 19 for PC. (It will be available on consoles and phones at some point after that.) In the lead-up to the event, Baron has been sharing Patch notes and excerpts What to expect when fans count the days to 1.6 is here. The upcoming change confirms what many players have suspected all along.

On March 12, Barron tweeted one photo One patch note appears that will be included in update 1.6 on March 19. It simply states:

  • Fixed a bug where harvesting from left to right was faster than harvesting from right to left

If you are not a Stardew Valley Player, you may not understand what this means. He was certainly faster at collecting things from one direction than from another. What is the big deal?

Well, for Years and years now The fans have Shared videos This appears to be true, but it has not been 100% confirmed by Barone or previous patch notes. So some fans weren’t completely convinced that it was faster and just assumed that the animation looked different depending on how it was harvested. But no! The harvesting of crops from left to right was a little faster and that was due to a long-standing error.

When asked if this bug has been present in the game since its launch, Baron said“As far as I know, yes.” Then the creator of the popular life simulation game explained why this happens. “The harvesting animation on the left side was 100 milliseconds longer than it should have been,” Baron said. Now harvesting from right to left will be jUst as fast as you can from left to rightending a Stardew Valley Conspiracy theory Which has been around for nearly a decade.

We can all sleep now knowing that soon, when version 1.6 arrives on March 19, harvesting will be at the same speed for all players regardless of your orientation. finally.


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