Dead Rising, Capcom’s “other” zombie saga, was rumored to be returning in a reboot

resident Evil is at its best thanks to new projects and remakes, the last of Resident Evil 4 Remakebut Capcom does not forget about original games like exoprimal or sequels of cult games, case of dragon dogma 2. According to a new rumour The company is also preparing to reboot one of these sagas that seemed destined for oblivion: deadrise.

The information was surprisingly mentioned by Jez Corden from window central in response to a conversation unrelated to the topic. Corden mentioned that he heard some sort of PlayStation exclusive on the remake Metal Gear Solid 3, one of the most persistent rumors in recent months. A user commented on this deadrise was one of the reasons for being an Xbox user in the past, to which Corden responded with the information.

“If you are a fan of deadrisemaybe something is emerging for you,” he comments on the social network. When asked if he looked more like that Dead Rising 3 what to Dead Rising 4That’s what he says according to his sources this is a fresh startso we could go back to the original scenario.

The action saga with waves of zombies

deadrise were released in 2006 and presented an idea with many similarities to the film Dawn of the Dead by George A. Romero: The journalist Frank West was trapped in it a big mall full of zombies, slow and dumb but very numerous. We could acquire resources, rescue survivors and solve the puzzle within a time limit, which would lead to one of its many different endings.

not how resident Evil, deadrise tended towards action and humor. Its success on the Xbox 360 – it was remastered years later – led to several sequels, the last one Dead Rising 4 in 2016. Capcom has shut down the Vancouver team – formerly Blue Castle Games – that was developing the sequels when they were creating Dead Rising 5. Presumably the project will use RE Enginethe technology that the developer uses in its blockbusters.

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