Director James Wan wanted Nicolas Cage to play Dracula in a Castlevania film

James Wan, Director of Aquaman and the first two parts of the saga Warren expedientamong other horror films well known to fans of the genre, revealed his personal profile in a recent publication Instagram The wanted Nicolas Cage to star in a film based on Castlevania, Konami’s iconic Metroidvania series. Despite the fact that the project for adaptation into real action Castlevania has not been used since then suffered some setbacks and complications during pre-productionNicolas Cage put himself in Dracula’s shoes in Renfield.

Renfield It’s great, so much fun! “The 2 Nics are fantastic!” the famous director shared in his Instagram. “Cage and I discussed playing Dracula in my (deceased) life many years ago. CastlevaniaSo It’s great to see that he finally got the chance to play the prince of darkness.he added to his comments.

Why wasn’t the Castlevania movie made?

As explained by comic bookthe movie of Castlevania began its development in the early 2000s, although there were numerous delays and was discontinued entirely due to the questionable video game adaptations that were emerging at the time.. Apparently Paul WS Anderson, director of the first adaptation of resident Evil In live action and some of its sequels, he starred in the opening bars of the Castlevania film alongside Wan, who had had a smash hit with the first part of seen.

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