GTA 6 fans are turning to in-game sunscreen analysis

You may have seen the new one Grand Theft Auto VI Tractor Several times since its release in December 2023. And I may have paused it once or twice to discover the details. But I bet most of you haven’t sat down and spent a few hours researching and writing a 1,500-word report on the sunscreen seen in a split second of video. Tractor. But if you want that kind of thing, don’t worry, someone has done the work for you.

If you are reading Kotaku.comI assume you already know that Rock Games Finally presented the world with the first official trailer for the film GTA 6 Last month. The trailer was released ahead of schedule After a minor leak It showed very detailed Digital Entertainment for Miamicomplete with eccentricCrocodiles, criminals and sports cars. It looks really good! I’ve watched it a few times and it looks like others have too, judging by the number of views it’s had on YouTube.

But does anyone remember the person who applied sunscreen to a woman wearing a bikini? At the 21 second mark?

Rock Games

On January 3, As spotted before computer games, Reddit user ficerc posted a Report more than 1500 words about JTA com.subreddit Dedicated to showcasing all the research they’ve done into this short-lived sunscreen. Specifically, ficerc wanted to know the sun protection factor (SPF) level of the sunscreen shown in the trailer.

To do this, they determined the NPC’s skin color using various methods, including the von Luschan color scale and some mathematics. But that wasn’t enough. Deciding which level of sun protection factor (SPF) to use depends not only on your skin tone, but also factors such as how long you will be in the sun. So Ficerc used maps and shadows to determine the time of day when we would see sunscreen being applied, taking into account the number of hours of sunlight remaining and — using more data and research — to determine the maximum amount of sun time the NPC could have. Expect that day.

After all, assuming that the NPC shown in the trailer is someone who follows all the recommended guidelines, Viserk discovered that the sun protection factor (SPF) in the sunscreen used in… GTA 6 The trailer was likely between 8-14. Finally, we can all stop thinking about this and move on with our lives.

To be clear: ficerc’s post is not only very detailed, it’s also very funny. This is probably a joke taken to the extreme. For years and years, JTA Fans are presented as patients who will intensely analyze and document every screenshot or video that Rockstar releases. We’ve even seen loyal fans Re-create the maps for JTA games before they are released. So it looks like ficerc is having some fun with the community while also finding something else to analyze GTA 6′The first (and so far only) trailer.

“As you scroll, the sad realization that this has been hours in the making begins to overshadow the mockery of it,” one user responded to the post. Which…well, fair. That’s actually a lot of work for a joke. But also, I could have saved a lot of time for Vicerc. This is Rockstar’s game. So your sun protection factor (SPF) is probably only 69.


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