Monopoly Go’s marketing budget was nearly half a billion dollars

monopoly go, A multiplayer mobile board game, it launched on April 11, 2023. It has since generated over $2 billion, been downloaded over 100 million times, and has become one of the most popular digital games on the planet. But to get to this point, Scopely, the studio behind the hit game, has spent nearly $500 million on marketing alone, which is more than Sony has spent on some of its biggest games like Spider-Man 2 And The Last of Us Part Two.

You may not be aware of this Monopoly goinga mobile game that was released last year and is inspired by the game The famous classic board game, but it’s very likely that there’s someone you know playing it — perhaps a parent, uncle, or sister. After all, the game is very popular, with over 10 million daily players. According to a recent post from ScopelyIn just three months, it made a billion dollars. But this kind of success does not come cheaply or easily.

In the last installment of Game file (As spotted GameSpot) from the previous Kotaku Eric Wood, senior vice president of publishing at EIC Stephen Totilo, confirmed that the company spent about (but less than) $500 million on marketing and user acquisition alone. This doesn’t take into account the money spent developing the game, which took seven years, according to Scopelli.

In comparison with, Poorly redacted court documents From 2023 revealed The Last of Us Part Two At a cost of about $220 million to develop and The horizon is forbidden west At a cost of about $212 million. We also know through Publicly hacked and leaked files Insomniac’s hugely successful open-world film, Spider-Man 2Its development cost about $300 million after going over budget. Outside of games produced by Sony, Monopoly goingIn fact, its marketing budget exceeds that of other mega releases. For example, the total budget reported for Cyberpunk 2077 And its DLC (this includes marketing costs as well) is there $440 millionwhich is probably less or about what Monopoly goings studio spent on ads and user requests only.

It’s a good reminder that producing mobile games isn’t easy or cheap. While a lot of major video game publishers have tried to make the leap from console gaming to mobile gaming, they rarely succeed, and not just because it costs so much to play.

According to Game fileIn interview, it takes a lot of work to create a game that brings people back day after day and offers them ways to “beat” the game’s own systems, making them feel like they’re winning when in reality (as always) it’s the house that comes out on top.


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