Steam Introduces 90-Minute Free Trials; You can now play Dead Space Remake

Steam, Valve’s popular game store for PC, introduced this Free trials, as the name suggests, give us the opportunity to play a title for a limited time.. Unlike the demos, for example, in this case we are not dealing with limited content, but with the entire game that we can see within a certain time.

The idea isn’t new – there are similar actions on consoles – and Steam itself usually has a free “weekend” in which we can play the titles for several days. However, such campaigns make more sense in long-running games than in single-player adventures.

The first game with these tests is nothing short of Dead Space remakethe update of the first dead space which was released last January. With this release, users can discover the beginning of Isaac Clarke’s adventures on the USS Ishimura If you want to continue after 90 minutes, you must purchase the full version. The promotion in this case is valid until May 29th at 19:00 and allows us not only to find out if it’s a game we like, but also to check our team’s performance on the title.

Dead Space Remake is on sale

To convince the undecided Dead Space remake is also on offer 20% discount, 47.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros.

The way this test is highlighted suggests that we will see more promotions of this type soon, possibly with different test times. In the case of Dead Space remake Normal duration is 12 hoursbut for shorter games, this test might be a bit lower.

Dead Space Remake free on Steam PC

Dead Space remake It’s everything we could want from a remake of such a beloved masterpiece and then some. A title remastered from the ground up that expands and improves on the original in every way imaginable, starting from the base. Not only is it a spectacular graphical upgrade, it is dares to go further, deepening its narrative and adding new contentrecovering the innovations introduced by their sequels, redesigning entire sections and incorporating new mechanics and systems,” we said in their Analysis. If you dare to play it, you will learn all its secrets with our guide.

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