Summary and goals of Real Betis

Starts at 11:45 p.m.


The Verdiblancos defeated Rayo and Joaquín is close to Zubizarreta’s record

Sabaly scored one of the championship’s best goals with his left foot

Barring an unimaginable break, Betis will once again carry the ‘Euro’ prefix next season. Seven points compared to seventh seems favorable enough for Manuel Pellegrini, engineer and draftsman. Using his mechanical pencil, he outlined two strategic moves that knocked Rayo unconscious at halftime. Despite being rejected by Vallecano, Sabaly is at least well on her way into the top 10 of the season. The French-Senegalese player atomized the ball and pushed it through the same team. His league debut.


Santander League




Real Betis

Bravo; Sabaly, Pezzella, Edgar, Miranda; Guido Rodríguez, Carvalho (Guardado, 46′); Luiz Henrique (Rodri, 76′), Canales (Joaquín, 91′), Ayoze (Juanmi, 91′); Willian Jose (Iglesias, 65′).

Vallecano Ray

Dimitrievsky; Balliu (Andrés, 88′), Moomin, Catena, Fran García; Óscar Valentín (Ciss, 66′), Comesaña; Isi Palazón, Óscar Trejo (Camello, 66′), Álvaro García (Unai López, 76′); By Tomas (Falcao, 76′).


1-0 M.5 Sabaly. 2-0 M.44 Ayoze. 2-1 M.52 Comesaña. 3-1 M.96 Churches.


Polished Santana (Gran Canaria). TA: Sabaly (45′), Bravo (72′), Ayoze (92′); Valentine (7′), Moomin (82′). TR: Mario Suarez (97′).


Benito Villamarin. 48,143 spectators.

Ayoze, on his last breath in the first half, took advantage of an overtime by William José to make it 2-0. Not even Comesaña’s goal after the restart changed the Andalusians, who converted the penalty in the 96th minute through Borja Iglesias’ intervention after Joaquín’s pass. The Portuense, closer to Zubizarreta’s record.

It was a constant challenge for the transition, for the counterattack. The rhythm was overwhelming, Béticos and Vallecanos galloped through the Sevillian spring night. Isi stamped the stick, Carvalho, against Dimitrievski’s chest. The 1:0 came from this corner. Rejected by the “edge” and Sabaly, who ripped it open with his left foot. The goal of the day?

Isi Palazón was “palozón” and found the forest in the area again. The Murcier put his hands to his head. Rayo had wasted two whites and Betis showed no mercy. set pieces, William José extended a corner kick and Ayoze scratched the ball to make it 2-0 at half-time while battling Balliu.

Comesaña fueled the uncertainty by unloading a Fran García cross on a plate. The Thirteen Barras previously complained that Trejo had fouled Guardado. Pulido Santana and the VAR did not remedy the situation. The party had no owner, there were arrivals on both sides. Guido tried it from a distance. Also his compatriot Óscar Trejo, who hit the crossbar. It was Borja Igleias, who was unable to wet for two months, who judged. Rodri and Joaquín combined on the right and the Santiago man crossed to make it 3-1.

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