Street Fighter will have a new movie: Capcom officially confirms that it will work with Legendary

A few days ago, information came to light claiming that Capcom and the Legendary film production company (Dune, Interstellar) were working on a new film in the saga street fighter. What used to be just a rumor (all has been said, to be honest) has now become a reality from the start thanks to official confirmation official account of the saga on Twitter: street fighter have a new movie.

This announcement not only confirms that there will be one new adaptation of the saga street fighter to the big screen, but a few more details were also given that clarify a bit what the project is about: the film May be live action, that is, no animation. Also the short one tweet assured by the company that they are already “working” on it, although no cast, director or screenwriter have been confirmed at this time.

There will also be a number of street fighter?

The information that came before this official announcement surfaced just a few days ago. in them there was only talk of a movie from street fighterbut it was ensured that Legendary had also taken over the exploitation rights for a small-screen adaptation: that is, the door was left open for you Possible TV series street fighter. Nothing has been confirmed in today’s post, so it could be another long-term project or misinformation.

In any case, this adaptation reminds us of the infamous film that premiered 1994 and that it’s now considered one of the worst video game adaptations to cinema: we’re talking about it Street Fighter: The Last StandA Movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme playing Guile in a version that has been remembered for its particularity anecdotes and curiosities

In the meantime, the saga gets a new part: street fighter 6 launches June 2nd on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and PC. In vandal We have already tried it and we will tell you what we found in our impressions.

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