Suicide Squad’s NDA alpha test has been lifted after a negative preview

Rocksteady and WB Games are doing something strange. They are partially lifting the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) surrounding previous alpha testing for the upcoming one Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League the next A load of mixed and negative reviews.

Earlier this week, several outlets and content creators across the web posted their hands-on previews of Rocksteady’s open-world cooperative supervillain looter-shooter, Suicide squad. While some outlets and people have been positive about the upcoming DC game, many have complained about its poor combat, poor traversal controls, boring missions, live service annoyances, bland looting and general movement, and lack of mechanical variety with each party member. Now, a few days later, it appears that Rocksteady is trying to change the narrative around its long-delayed co-op game.

On January 11, Rocksteady announced It was partially lifting the non-disclosure agreement surrounding alpha testing in November 2023 Suicide squad. Specifically, players are now free to speak out online about the first part of the game they played last year.

The screenshot shows a text message from Rocksteady about filing the NDA.

“Now that more news about the game and player questions are coming out, we are no longer enforcing part of the NDA, and we are allowing players to talk about their experience from the closed alpha test,” Rocksteady explained. “We’ve heard the community’s requests and want to give players the opportunity to discuss the experience of exploring Metropolis as Harley.” Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark.

Kotaku I contacted Rocksteady and WB Games.

Rocksteady clarified that the rest of the NDA still applies, asking players not to share any photos or videos from the closed testing.

Why is Rocksteady lifting the Alpha NDA now?

It’s an interesting move by Rocksteady, but it makes sense. The recent previews haven’t been glowing, and many, myself included, have heard that a lot of people who got a chance to play a significant portion of the game in November enjoyed it. But these players could not discuss the matter freely Suicide squad Alpha testing due to NDA restrictions.

Now, Rocksteady truly These players want to start posting online about how much fun they had playing Suicide Squad, potentially offering an alternative to the mixed previews from earlier in the week.

Will it work? maybe. At the very least, it’s nice that these players will be able to freely share their experience playing the alpha without fear of lawyers or legal issues.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Releases on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on February 2.


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