Nintendo, a company designed for the best

Japanese companies tend to be very opaque Therefore, regarding everything that happens in it, any news that arrives about any of them will be greeted with excitement, and even more so when it comes to Nintendo. Miura Koichi is a freelance CG designer who until recently worked at Nintendo. and he told some anecdotes in X and reiterated that it is “an incredible company, but I wouldn’t recommend it lightly. the other people”.

The Designer’s X Publication It was seen by more than 25 million people in a week. In it, according to automatic translation from Japanese, he states that it is Nintendo like a haven for geniuses, but “for a normal person like me, it was hell.” This made me realize that it wasn’t for me and I decided to go in a different direction. Nobody should misunderstand me, It was a very good company and the employees were wonderful people.. “I was amazed that they were able to produce such fantastic products one after the other.”

From around 37,000 euros to almost 65,000

Koichi He started his career in 1999, Work part time for Bandai Namco and then spent 4 years at Square Enix before it will Nintendo hired a subcontractor in 2019.

During this time, their revenue fluctuated, another taboo for Japanese companies, according to the designer in an earlier tweet Of the around 37,000 euros he earned at Bandai, he rose to around 42,000 euros at Square Enix and jumped to almost 65,000 euros at Nintendo. At the beginning of this year he said goodbye and became self-employed as a YouTuber and designer.

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