ReFantazio — Everything we know about the upcoming RPG

Metaphor: rifantasio He is one of us Most anticipated games Year, and the next RPG from the creative team that brought the world Personality 5. After leaving a personality P-Studio Development Team In 2016, director Katsura Hashino founded a new internal team at Atlus called Zero Studio. almost, Re-Project: Fiction It has been announced. Little did we know at the time that we wouldn’t hear about the game for another seven years.

Reappearing under a new name in 2023, Metaphor: rifantasio It is a medieval dark fantasy RPG in the vein of Hashino’s work on a personality series. Developed as an antidote to modern RPGs, Zero Studio set out to create a game firmly rooted in traditional fantasy tropes. The final game seems to straddle the line between fantasy and modern aesthetics, such as using skates to travel at greater speed and devices and vehicles that seem to split the difference between fantasy and advanced technology. With the next release of Metaphor: rifantasioNow is a good time to summarize everything we know about the game.

Who makes Metaphor: rifantasio?

As noted, Katsura Hashino (director Personality 3, 4, 5And Catherine) leads development on Metaphor: rifantasioBut he’s not the only one a personality Project veterinarian. Shigenori Soejima, who has worked as a character designer on many of the same titles, is once again collaborating with Hashino on the game. Shoji Meguro also composes Metaphor: rifantasio, Created by a dream team that made some of the biggest RPGs of this generation and many previous generations. Lots of employees who worked on a personality The games followed P-Studio’s Hashino after his departure at the end of 2016.

In addition to Koda Kazuma who worked on it yoke: Automationand Ikuto Yamashita, whose credits include the anime series Neon Genesis EvangelionWe are working on Metaphor: rifantasio As a concept artist and mechanical designer, respectively. It’s safe to say that if you like the big RPGs this team has made in the past, you’re probably in good hands Metaphor: rifantasioThere is no shortage of talent on the project.

Metaphor: ReFantazio Release date and launch platforms

althoug Metaphor: rifantasio It lacks a specific release date at the moment, and has been pushed back to a fall 2024 release. In the past few years, Atlus has made a more concerted effort to release its games on multiple platforms simultaneously, and Metaphor: rifantasio It follows in these footsteps, coming to PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series No, there’s no sign of a Nintendo Switch release yet, but rumors suggest it might be It arrives on the Switch 2 instead. In the meantime, people can finally put the game on their wishlist on their desired platform before pre-orders open in the near future.

Latest trailer for Metaphor: ReFantazio sheds some light on its features

Metaphor: ReFantazio – Royal Tournament | Xbox Series

Establishing shots of the latest trailer for Metaphor: rifantasio Draw an analogy between the game world and a world bearing our own theme, which the game seems particularly interested in exploring. The rest of the trailer sets up the tournament royale that will include the game’s main plot, as well as glimpses of open environments, a new take on tried-and-true team-based turn-based combat, and the return of… a personalityElements of a sim relationship. there is another, Much longer video Which features developers providing in-depth information about the world, characters, gameplay, music, and more.

where Metaphor: rifantasio take place?

Metaphor: rifantasio It begins with the assassination of the king, which creates a power vacuum in the United Kingdom of Euchronia. The game is set against the election of a new king – which the competitors portray as a tournament – to determine who will take the throne, at which point our player character enters the fray. Even though they are branded heretics by the Elda tribe due to forbidden magic, that does not stop them from entering and embarking on a journey to help their friend, the Prince of Euchronia. From there, the player character must travel the world and rally people from different places and races to their cause in order to win the Royal Championship.

As an interesting departure from genre conventions, World Metaphor: rifantasio It’s powered by magic, but this power doesn’t come naturally to any of the people in it. A special piece of equipment must be purchased in Euchronia in order to be able to use it. Despite the lack of natural magic, the game’s main cast can magically transform into weapons known as “Archetypes”, which will awaken like the characters.

how it’s going to be Metaphor: rifantasio He plays?

We didn’t see much of it Metaphor: rifantasio Outside of two trailers, but it appears to follow in the vein of the team’s previous work a personality. The combat UI and menu work seem to be in keeping with the aggressive design of the series yetPersonality 5, the game will be a turn-based RPG in which players exploit weaknesses in elements, draw power from archetypes, and summon them. However, there are some interesting new ideas in the works Metaphor: rifantasioCombat approach, relationships and maneuverability are worth noting.

On top of turn-based combat, which the team calls “command battles,” players will be able to assess and eliminate opponents on the field without having to engage in full turn-based combat. Although this new combat system is there to simplify battles against low-level enemies, it’s not like most auto battles that reward you by default and skip combat entirely, and players will always have the option to try this style on weaker and stronger opponents alike. Instead of them. Instead of combining characters and hiring them to trade with each other, strengthening relationships and drawing inspiration from them will awaken traits within the player character that can become archetypes.

Very similar a personality, Metaphor: rifantasio It will feature a calendar and Relationship simulation systems This will be set against the aforementioned conspiracy-themed elections, but the team hasn’t detailed how the latter appears. The calendar will take into account the player’s need to travel around the world to garner votes and popularity as part of the Royal Tournament, creating tension similar to that of a personality series, where players must prioritize their relationships and jobs in the “real world” versus clearing dungeons and grinding in another world. However, unlike in a personalityit appears that players will be able to decide where they want to go and deal with the plot beats non-linearly.

Travel will be accomplished by the strange walking vehicles that appear in many of the trailers now, which are known as “Gauntlet Runners” and appear to serve as the party’s hub between the cities. There also appears to be more open environments between locations, where players can likely grind and complete side quests, and players can explore on foot or on snow if they want to enjoy the scenery quickly and in style.

Metaphor: rifantasio Releases for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series

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