“The Last of Us” becomes the house of horrors in the Universal theme parks (09/09/2023)

Even if it seems like a lie, All Saints Day is closer than it seemsmeaning that the night before, known as Halloween night which this year will be Tuesday, October 31st.

You already know that, that terrible night It’s very traditional especially in certain parts of the world (although it has practically already conquered most Western countries) and is surrounded by a big expectations which also appeals to large companies Universal They are already preparing various events for this evening.

Without going any further, this company has “Halloween Horror Nights” campaign launched In its theme parks from Orlando, Hollywood, Japan and Singapore Release of a terrifying haunted house from The Last of Usthe Naughty Dog saga.

Since many of us may not be able to go to one of these theme parks to enjoy it, YouTube channel RKG has seen fit to do so Show us what this haunted house looks like in a nearly seven minute video in which we can see some details, although as you can imagine it is quite dark and most of what you will see will be lights and some shadows moving around to scare the staff:

Is a new version of The Last of Us Part II on the way?

For now, beyond this haunted house We don’t have much news from The Last of Us. We don’t know when we should arrive The Last of Us online while on the other hand, Gustavo Santaolalla (soundtrack composer) announced a few weeks ago that Naughty Dog is working on a “new version” of The Last of Us Part II…maybe a “remaster” for PS5 and PC?

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