V Rising PS5 release date, trailer, platforms and more news

Sony is huge View the State of Play on January 31st He gave us a look at a bunch of upcoming PlayStation 5 games, including First-person shooter Judah, Action game Star bladeAnd much more. The 2022 hack game from Stunlock Studios V height It also appeared with the announcement that the open-world survival RPG will be making its way to PS5 sometime this year.

The game was a smash hit when it launched in Early Access in May 2022 It sold one million copies In less than a week, It took the developers by surpriseAnd currently he hasVery positiveRating on Steam. So, knowing that more people will get a chance to play it soon, let’s go over everything we know about it V height.

Do V height Do you have a release date?

The game is offline Available in Early Access on Steam. It doesn’t have a release date on PlayStation 5, though it will be released on the console sometime this year.

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What (other) platforms will V height be on?

Since the game has been in Early Access on Steam since May 2022, you can find Stunlock Studios’ game on PC. The team recently announced that it will debut on PS5, so it’s not clear whether or not that will be the case V height It will make its way to Xbox consoles in the future.

does this mean V height Will there be console support?

Oh sure. Since it’s coming to PS5 this year, Stunlock Studios will let you pick up a DualSense controller to play the survival RPG on the console. Controller support is coming to the Steam version as well, although it has not been confirmed when that will happen.

Is there anything new? V height Tractor?

Absolutely, and it was part of Sony’s State of Play live stream. Check it out below.

Play Station

What is it V heightHow to play like?

Did you play? Astronaut, don’t starve, Grounded, Midgard tribesor Valheim? no? Well, think of your typical open-world survival RPG. You venture out into a massive environment, killing monsters and stealing materials to construct buildings to bolster your presence and upgrade your arsenal, repeating the process until you reach the end of the game. This is basically the basic gameplay loop V height, but instead of playing as an astronaut or a human, Stunlock Studios puts you in the shoes of a vulnerable vampire who wakes up after a centuries-long beauty nap to find that the world isn’t afraid of you or your kind anymore. So, by sucking blood and building castles, your mission is to remind everyone that you are the predator.

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will V heightDoes the console version of have different content than the Steam version?

no! In fact, Stunlock Studios said in Blog post dated February 1 Which V height On PS5 “it will contain equivalent content parity to that available on PC.” So, if you’ve already played the survival game on Steam, you’ll get the same experience on console.

V height There may not be a specific release date at the moment, and that’s a good thing. there Lots of games coming soon To beat you. But it’s good to know that one of the most popular games of 2022 won’t remain locked on Steam. PlayStation vampires, rise up.

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