Nintendo will stop releasing new content for Mario Kart Tour starting in October

Nintendo and DeNA have confirmed through a new statement that they will no longer be creating new content soon Mario Kart Tour, the title available for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems. Specifically, the announcement from both companies emphasizes that after the anniversary tour, which… starts September 20thAll upcoming seasons will reuse content from previously released tours.

After that, no new tracks, drivers, karts and gliders will be added combat tourwhich begins on April 10, 2023“, the message reads. “We hope you continue to have fun playing.” Mario Kart Tour“.

A little less than a week ago, players of the karting title were able to enjoy the Summer Tour, a special event that included a race track in the city of Madrid, among other tracks inspired by real locations.

A Mario Kart-worthy jump to mobile phones?

“Few stars and a few shadows at the premiere of Mario Kart on cell phones. We are talking about an entertaining and entertaining title, but it has major drawbacks such as inconvenient and very difficult to get used to touch controls and a confusing, greedy and very present concept of micropayments, although not as intrusive as we could initially imagine. If we are able to master its gameplay and get used to the idea of ​​nature play for free, Mario Kart Tour It can keep us very entertained for days. However, since it was a video game with the Nintendo seal and adapted one of its most famous sagas, we expected much more,” we said in ours at the time Analysis.

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