Who do you admire most in video games?

Screenshot: Square Enix

that it Valentine’s DayWhich means love is in the air. Maybe you have someone you’re crushing on, or maybe you’re holding on to an unwanted crush. To be clear, we’re talking about video game characters. Because let’s be honest, for some of us who’ve been playing video games since we were kids, game characters helped us figure out what kind of people we like and what we wanted to see in them. romantic. So we want to know: Who do you admire the most in video games?

This could be someone you actually managed to date in one of the games, so we expect to get a lot of BioWare characters in the responses (and we see you, Garrus loversYou are very good.) But it can also extend to personalities that you cannot accept. Maybe a protagonist whose charisma you can’t help but love, e.g Nathan Drake. He can even be an antagonist to the game, because none of us are above loving the villain and if Scattered in Baldur’s Gate 3 What he has shown us is that you can fix people if you try hard enough.

In the spirit of the season of love, we want to hear your stories about the characters you can’t help but lay eyes on. What’s something you can’t help but be drawn to? Whether it’s their brains, their strength, or just interesting character design, we want to know it all!

For me? One of the first things I admired was Fang Min Final Fantasy XIIIwhich remains an important part of me A strange awakening. My current crush that I can’t help but swoon over is Kafka Honkai: Star Rail. But what I like most in video games is Edelgard von Hresvelg Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I still go back to saving mid-game on my Switch from time to time, just to have tea with it.

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