Abde wants to return to Barça… but only if it’s about the game

4/4/2023 at 8:01 am


Those around the footballer already know they have him, but they want certain sports guarantees

He has offers, prioritizes Camp Nou return and hopes there will be exits up front

Barça have already spoken to Abde’s entourage to make it clear that they are very happy with his season at Osasuna and to confirm that the idea is for him to return in the summer to complete the pre-season with the first team and to play a role in the new team project. Abde’s illusion is high, but he also handles important offers in Europe and knows he will play next season.

His priority is Camp Nou return above all, but he also wants certain sporting guarantees and it will all depend on how the next squad is put together. With the current number of forwards, Abde will have a very difficult time, but if there are the expected starts, the Moroccan can play an important role.

At Barça it is already clear that a very good sale could be achieved with Abde, who came to the club for only two million euros. The advantage could be brutal, although those who know the footballer well and spotted him have advised the Blaugrana club not to transfer it to him. Because Abde can have incredible potential and an early exit could become an unforgivable mistake. Now come back and we’ll see.

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