Lies of P removes its controversial “ACAB” poster because it is too “risky”.

The publisher NEOWIZ and the developer Round 8 Studio have decided to do this Remove the character that refers to the acronym ACAB (All cops are bastards) from Lies from P because it was too “risky” and to avoid controversy that could tarnish the image of the video game before its release on September 19th. In an interview granted exclusively GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUNJi-Won Choi, director of Soulslike, heavily inspired by Bloodbornehas looked at the reasons for the poster APAB (All Dolls Are Bastards) that appear in the promotional images will not be part of the final game.

“That was one of the messages we wanted to use in the game, but we ended up removing it,” Choi explained. “We ended up removing it because we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the game exactly the way we wanted.” and that it would not be judged according to any tendency. We really wanted the world we designed to be interpreted by players exactly as we intended We eliminate factors that might be a bit risky. “We respect everyone who wants to play this game and we want everyone to have the best experience,” the creative added.

Our impressions after trying out their demo

“Perhaps Lies from P Don’t do anything new or too original, though It more than fulfills its mission of entertaining us and giving us a good time as we fight for survival in a world with fantastic art direction., virtues to which we must add the additional charm that offers us such a different and unique vision of a story as popular as Pinocchio. This first contact made it very clear to us that this is a promising Soulslike that should delight fans of this type of adventure. So if you are interested in what it offers, don’t hesitate to give it a try. Your demo.”, we said in ours Impressions.

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